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Three by Corbans
Three (1997)
Label: Organic

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Strength by Corbans

Dear friends take comfort
In the joy you receive
To those still searching
For a truth to believe
I know a hope that saves
The weak and the lost
A man that saves
By the wood of a cross

I am not afraid to say
I live for Christ
His name will separate
The men from the mice
Be bold, Be strong
In the praise from your lips
These words are everything
You don't want to miss

Stand up and shout it
If you know how I feel
This song of strength
Makes me feel so unreal
To the Lord alone
Our praises we sing
I'm proud to admit
That I feel like a king
That I feel like a king

I hope the Spirit finds you
Strong in the faith
To those still searching
For the path of the saints
Your sin can vanish
From the depth of your souls
Redemption is found
In the blood of the Lord
In the blood of the Lord



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