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Amplifier by Big Tent Revival
Amplifier (1997)
Label: Forefront

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Star In The Book Of Life by Big Tent Revival

Do you remember the night when you said you
Was givin' it all to Jesus
How you'd been in the bondage of sin
And then you was ready to cut loose

When you said you wanted to be free
They took you seriously

There's a star by your name in the book of life
Angels are watching you overtime
They can't understand why a child of the King
Would be happier living with swine
There's a star in the book of life

When are you gonna wake up and figure out
What you've been doin'?
I'm gonna show what's goin' on up there
To save your life from ruin

Rise up out of the mire
Know you are God's desire
Come home baby, please come home



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