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So Far From Home by Brave Saint Saturn
So Far From Home (2000)
Label: 5 Minute Walk

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Space Robot Five by Brave Saint Saturn

So far, so good, or so they say from mission control
The deep of space is no place for a fragile human soul.
The rockets burn as servos click and turn,
And fall into their place.
Robots can't cry,
Can't laugh,
Can't die,
In the darkness of space.
He is strong, made of steel with the graphite lining,
Watch his eyes flicker slow like the batteries are dying.


Space robot five,
Is he alive?
So very alone,
So far from home.

Three strands of wire,
Threefold the tie that binds.
she is the one thing on the earth for which he still pines.
To his heart she was life,
So he prays to his maker with a sigh,
As his fire sputters out,
Because robots never cry



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