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Girls & Boys by Flight 180
Girls & Boys (2001)
Label: BEC

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Sorry by Flight 180

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Verse 1
It's taken me so long to write you with this broken
heart fo mine. To say that I love you won't change the
pain and tears left behind. A broken family, the
missing memories of what was once-the innocence of us.
And if it makes you feel better to know that I have
changed my mind.

I'm sorry-so so sorry. We'll never bring back
yesturday. I'm sorry-so so sorry. Two wrongs don't
make a right.

Verse 2
Your absence in my life's getting to me. I wonder
what life would be like if we never parted ways.
Remember the laughs and all of the good times from
those happy days? To say that I regret the fight is
just an understatement, now that it's over.




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