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All The Hype Money Can Buy by Five Iron Frenzy
All The Hype Money Can Buy (2000)
Label: 5 Minute Walk

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Solidarity by Five Iron Frenzy

To the brothers and the sisters,
to all of the resistors,
to the workers broke and cryin',
on the road that leads to Zion:
The mountain, the mountain,
we will all climb,
all of God's children,
in God's own time.

Unity the verb,
You the truth have heard,
Rise up to the call,
United we can never fall.
Let one voice ring throughout the world,
let truth be sown,
let us lay our own lives down,
a greater love was never known.

While the light is growing dim,
make war to keep your faith in him,
knowing what has made us free,
unity, not uniformity.
One world, one voice,
in trenches we stand tall,
one truth that has found us,
one shepherd for us all.



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