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Pick It Up by Hokus Pick
Pick It Up (1992)
Label: Word

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Sofa Logic by Hokus Pick

So I'm not so smart
When you look at me
But there's more than you
Can see right here
I've got a plan that kicks
Gonna make me rich
And buy an awfully big
Amount of beer
It can be mine
One day I will succeed
But for the present, I am content
And I can learn a lot from this TV
Do you want a soda pop?
Tea doesn't take you to the top
You see
24 hours in a given day
And you multiply that by nine
Times ten times four
Means the cash will pour
Into my lap and keep
Me feeling fine
Yeah, good things come to those
Who get up for the chase
And one of these days
I'll get myself in gear
But there's a little problem
I now face, it's that

I'm not myself
I just can't understand
Compromise has gotten
Way out of hand
Sofa logic
I'm not myself
I just can't understand
Compromise has gotten
Way out of hand
Just can't see what's ailing me
Stagnation, maybe do re mi fa so
Sofa logic

Now that my hopes are sinking
I've done some big rethinking
Maybe this is not my line of work
(Ditch work - let's play)
I need it fast and easy
Don't want to be so busy
That's the way I've always planned
But now I find that
Somewhere out along the way here
The great scheme to make it work
It disappeared
Come help me off this sofa
Excuse the mess now, won't ya
I've hit inspiration
I'll save the human race
From all its greed and its disgrace
As long as someone offers me
The right amount
But now I need some help 'cause



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