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Plumb by Plumb
Plumb (1997)
Label: Essential

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Sobering by Plumb

La dum da da dum
Take the cup of delusion
This empty hole inside
Drinks the wine of remorse
And giving cause to stumble
It's sobering, the changes

Don't turn around
Don't walk away
Don't try to lead
When you don't know

La dum da da dum
Blotting out the stains of nonsense
And drenched in this desire
Spilling from an empty cup
You bury guilt like sin
Hurling smiles and judgments
The blatant tone of your soul
Creates a blackness deep within

Repeat Chorus Twice

Bitterness trickles through
This vein of tenderness

Repeat Chorus Four Times

La dum la da dum
La dum la da dum
La dum la da dum



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