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Supertones Strike Back by Supertones
Supertones Strike Back (1997)
Label: BEC

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Shut Up and Play by Supertones

Religious fanatic, that's what they say
True, I may be on the brink
I hear them yell at us, shut up and play
Well, who asked what you think?
No time for mediocrity, convenience, or practicality
He went all out for us, say what you will
I'll answer to my God

I'm a freak, they say I've lost my mind
But I know, I've never seen so clearly
When I speak, they say we've gone too far this time
Which let's me know that I have not gone nearly

Bible thumpin' reactionist
And I'm proud to bear the name
Take out music, take away our lives
Jesus still remains
I wonder what will people think
When they hear that I'm a Jesus freak



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