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Shake by John Schlitt
Shake (1995)
Label: Word

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Show Me The Way by John Schlitt

Living in this space of time
I have to wonder where I'm going
Just who I am, what I'm supposed to be
Searching for that certain sign
That points me in the right direction
The path to take, the one that's right for me
Choices will come my way
But which ones to choose
Can't do it on my own
There's too much to lose

Take me, guide me, lead me
I'm trusting in You, Lord
Teach me and show me the way
Break me, love me, forgive me
I'm asking of You, Lord
Take me and show me the way

Knowing if I stand alone
I could never see the way that is meant for me
The life that we could share
Learning lessons I must know
From the source who has the answers of life itself
The one who really cares
In life there's so many turns, which way to go
When You're beside me, Lord, You're in control


I know for me You have the perfect plan
I know You had it before time began
Don't want to listen to what others say
Just show me the way




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