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I Lost My Mind by War Rocket Ajax
I Lost My Mind (2000)
Label: Bettie Rocket

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She Walks The Line by War Rocket Ajax

She walks the line
There was a time
Oh so sublime
There was a time when she was righting wrongs
There was a time when she wrote happy songs
But now she's gone too far and it's been too long
She walks the line

He walks the line
Wants to rewind
But he walks blind
In his heart he wants to do what we hear him say
But the line that he walks is now fading away
And he won't ask for help so until that day
He walks the line

We walk the line
We're so unkind
But we don't mind
We think we've come so far but it's not the case
And the lines that we walk are now on our face
Why can't we see it's such a big disgrace
We walk the line



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