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Audible Sigh by Bill Mallonee and Vigilantes of Love
Audible Sigh (2000)
Label: True Tunes

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got a skeleton closet we've got a dreaded disease
i been looking high and low for my skeleton key
and they say that pride well it's is the chief of sins
well i know all of his deputies i'm well acquainted with them

yes she walks on water
yes yes she walks on sky
yes yes she walks on roses
yes yes she walks on by

she got a brand new ache she got a brand new crutch
got a brand new scar take a lifetime to cover it up
and this ground is barren honey this place was dry
that's a long long time ago 'til i looked in your eye

everybody got a secret deep under the ground
you can take it out once in a while when there's no one around
you can grab for it all yeah with your list of demands
or you can come as a small child yeah with your empty hands



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