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Broomtree by Broomtree
Broomtree (1997)
Label: Rustproof

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Save You by Broomtree

I can explain why things don't go your way
When all you do is turn away
From what can save you
Is it your pride?
The way you live your life?
Too hard to listen to
The voice that can save you?

If I could turn back time
I would sing this song for you
In hope that you would follow
The way that is true
If I could change your mind
I would make it happen
And then I'd say goodbye with a smile
And see you in heaven

Why do you lie
And hold your thoughts inside
When deep inside you know
That He's the one to save you?
He gave His life
Did all that He could do
Now it's up to you to ask
For Him to save you



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