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Buck by Buck Enterprises
Buck (1998)
Label: Tattoo

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Samaritan by Buck Enterprises

there was a man walking down the street
bent to tie his shoe and then he got beat
they took his wallet shoes and shirt
left him face down in the dirt
broke his leg and smashed his nose
and even broke his wee little toes
stripped him bare and left him there
just sitting in his underwear

would you leave him or would you help him
don't be scared of showing you care
when you see the hurt hold out your hand
show compassion to one's you don't know
just because they're different from you
show the same love just as Jesus did

three piece suit went walking by,
as the poor man left his cry
only had time for one glance
wouldn't even give him a chance
next came the preacher man,
and said i don't think i can
i just don't have the time
it's not such a heinous crime


last came the punk rock kid
with a piercing in his eye lid
he got down on his knees
while the man said help me please
the punk took him home for some care
while others weren't even fair
the punk kid showed his love
just like Jesus His love for us




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