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Resolution by Rekoncyle
Resolution (2012)
Label: Independent

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Running Out of Air by Rekoncyle

So many times I've tried, but I'm falling through the air tonight
I'll face it one more time , I won't go down without a fight
There seems to be no reason , It's just I'm filled with my own lies, I really need fulfillment , Would you help me find the light.

There's something going on inside me (its buried deep inside)
The Road I'm taking leads me empty (I'm falling off the edge tonight)
Why can't I find you here, Why do I feel like I'm running out of air.

I'm feeling my frustration building up within my heart
This consuming action I can't step down it won't depart
I really need your passion I cannot breathe without your life
I'm finally overcoming the thoughtless person I'd been once

The things I held so close we're dragging down my soul
But since I let YOU in Your making my life whole.



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