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Snuff The Punk by POD
Snuff The Punk (1993)
Label: Rescue

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Run by POD

Living on the streets of nowhere
Nobody understands and nobody cares
Nobody listens
So who can tell my life is just a living hell
I'm going back and forth, no one to run to
Slowly losing my mind so what am I doing
If you could only see the pain and hurt it my soul
But you don't understand my so how could you know
Sometimes it gets so bad I think I'm losing it
Can't get my hand out of life and I'm losing my grip
And when you loose your grip your begging to slip
Death is just waiting one to trip
Heading down the path to nowhere
No one can hear me cause nobody's there
Life gets darker and there is no light at all
When the ways of the world just prepares me for the fall
What can I do what can I say
I don't know love, only hate
What would you do if you were me?
I guess you'll never know
How would it feel to walk in my shoes
A victim of this world only used and abused
Trapped in a box with the walls coming down on me
They say they know how I feel
Let's it end all right now, that's how I feel
Don't have a care in the world, life means nothing
Don't look back, Don't look back, just keep running
Run - Keep Running
Run - Keep Running
How long O Lord? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long must I wrestle with my thoughts
And everyday hame sorrow in my heart
How long will my enemy triumph over me?
Look at me and give me an answer O Lord my God
Give light to my eyes or I'll sleep in death
My enemey will say I overcame him
And my foes will rejoice at my fall
And I know you're real, You're so real Lord
Come and take me from this place Lord
Everyday I will follow and see your face Lord
But I trust in your unfailable love
My heart rejoices your salvation
I will sing to you my Lord
For He has been, for He has been
Good to me
You're the one who rescued me
And your're the one who'll set me free
I keep on running, but there ain't no where to hide
You took me in your arms open wide
You loved me first when no one else would
You died for me, so I give my Life to you
False hopes and lies, but you're the one who's
Next time I run, I'm running straight to You



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