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It's A Mystery by Daniel's Window
It's A Mystery (2000)
Label: True Tunes

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Round and Round by Daniel's Window

Like falling rain, a misty veil ≠ Iím stumbling down
this dusty trail
Iíve seen the darkness and Iíve seen the light ≠ And
now I know the wrong is never right

Itís so simple, donít understand ≠ A holy love that
comes from a Man
A silent whisper, a breath of life ≠ Embrace the
gladness my eagle flies

Round and round ≠ I know that He is beside me
Whatís that sound ≠ Itís His angels singing glory
Night and day ≠ Heíll always be there for me
Jesus loves me and Iím on top of the world

A cool breeze in a desert heat ≠ A second wind that
lets me breathe
Another chapter, another song ≠ His love is in me and
now Iím moving on


Could this love last forever ≠ (I do believe)
Could it always be this good ≠ (I must believe)
How could I ever pay You back ≠ (I do believe)
For what Youíve done for me




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