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Amplifier by Big Tent Revival
Amplifier (1997)
Label: Forefront

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Rivalry by Big Tent Revival

Just saw Jars of Clay tonight
It was an awesome show and they were out of sight
But a friend of mine who's short on love
Said they didn't talk about Jesus enough
Well, I don't know about that

We're all God's children
We're all God's kids
Love each other, like Jesus said, said, said

There's one thing I can't see
Tell me why there's got to be
Rivalry, rivalry

I live in a two-faced town
Someone's job to put me down
Call me crazy, call it pride
I'd like to think we're all on the same side

I've been guilty, I admit
I admit I've been guilty
And I admit that it's time to quit, yeah

I bet we record this song
Someone's bound to come along
Open up their mouth and say
We gotta outdo
Audio Adrenaline, Supertones, Stryper,
Steve Wiggins, dig it

And the beat goes on...



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