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Stereo Motion by Stereo Motion
Stereo Motion (2003)
Label: Flicker

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Alone, with you
Keep finding something new
I felt the weight of this world for so long
And I keep falling on my face
Thought I was so strong, what a big mistake
Obligations and frustrations, look at that
They're getting in my way
They're pressing on me all of the time
I hate them cause they blow my mind
Now lift me up

I'm gonna rise above
And take it to the skies above
With you I can fly above
Everything that doesn't matter
Gonna Rise above
Cause my treasure lies above Yeah

Hit me with your best shot
Cause you know we're gonna so far
Taking every step of the way
To search for truth everyday
But still we will be pressed and molded toward perfection
All the way messed with stuff and misdirection
They're pressing on my all of the time
I'll hate cause they blow my mind
Now lift me up



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