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Big Dog Small Fence by Big Dog Small Fence
Big Dog Small Fence (1998)
Label: Electica

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Rikki Fake by Big Dog Small Fence

Watching TV the other day
Drinking Coke and eating Frito-Lays
Changing channels something caught my eye
Familiar faces from days gone by
The heading screamed "Most Screwed Up Class of '93"
It was my senior class staring back at me

All my friends ended up on Rikki Lake
I have made a mistake
I shoulda said something to somebody
about the choices they were making
and the things they couldn't see

The first interview was a girl Sue Ann
Has 6 kids, her husband's in the can
Living in a welfare shack with her boyfiend
drug-dealer named Mack
Then the quarterback from my hometown
had a future full of promise
and his mind was full of dreams
Didn't finish school but still stands tall
And now they call him butterball


The last was the most disturbing to me
It was my old sweetheart named Jill
My jaw dropped open when they said
her name had changed to Bill
I sat there staring at her beard
and wondered how I made it through
without ending up on TV too!



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