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Out Of My Mind by GS Megaphone
Out Of My Mind (2001)
Label: Spindust

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Prodigal Dad by GS Megaphone

Well, excuse me.
I don't mean to complain,
But there's something that I've got to say,
Something I just can't get off my brain.
I need to tell you
My heart breaks everyday
As i think about it used to be
And you tell me it can never be the same
God's forgiveness doesn't change
No matter what we do or say
Love won't go away

This song goes out to my prodigal dad.
When you left it hurt me more than words can say.
You were the best friend that a boy ever had.
Do you really think it's best you went away?
Prodigal Dad.

The day you left,
I felt so all alone.
And I felt just like an orphan,
Then my Father came and held me like a son.
Now I look at all I have where there used to be a dad.
There's so much more than a dad.


And maybe, maybe you'll hear me out,
and see I'm learning what God's mercy's all about.
And my Love is deeper than the pain,
and I'll forgive you every day,
because I've never known a love like His.



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