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Second Skin by Ashley Cleveland
Second Skin (2002)
Label: 204

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Power of Love by Ashley Cleveland

Out of nothing, out of the gray
You made heaven and earth in only six days
Overflowing, too full to measure
and you put us all here for your own pleasure

And we live (that's the Power)
we move (that's the Power)
we breathe (that's the Power of Love)
and we give (that's the Power)
we prove (that's the Power)
we see (that's the Power of Love)

You don't live in a temple made by man
You don't anything from a human hand
You made every nation out of one blood
and you set us all under a banner of love

Well I know I can never be thankful enough
You turned me around with all of that love
You set the edges of the sea
It's a wonder that you ever even thought about me

And I live (that's the Power)
I move (that's the Power)
I breathe (that's the Power of Love)
and I give (that's the Power)
I prove (that's the Power)
I see (that's the Power of Love)



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