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Plumb by Plumb
Plumb (1997)
Label: Essential

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Pluto by Plumb

You've got something I like about you
You seem to be a lot like me
I've got a ticket to adventure for two
Could be your golden opportunity

The travel agent, she set up the itinerary
First class, you can see the moon from a window seat
An angel-guided tour of the galaxy
Tips included
If you want then come with me

I want to know
Is there life on Pluto?
Want to go with me?
We can go in a UFO

I'm bored and need a little motivation
I'm tired of the same old thing
I've got a feeling of anticipation
Could be our golden opportunity

I've got an urge to go swimming in the Milky Way
Take a trip of fishing in a Neptune sea
Have my picture taken with Peter at the pearly gates
Smile for the Hubble
If you want then come with me

In the twinkling of an eye
We'll be together
In the sky
We'll be together



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