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Arms Around The World by Code of Ethics
Arms Around The World (1995)
Label: Forefront

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Pleasant Valley Sunday by Code of Ethics

The local rock group down the street
Is trying hard to learn this song
They serenade the weekend squire
Who just came out to mow his lawn

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Charcoal burning everywhere
Rows of houses that are all the same
And no one seems to really care

So Mrs. Gray is proud today
Because her roses are in bloom
And Mr. Green is so serene
He's got a TV in every room

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
Here in status symbol land
Mothers complain about how hard life is
And the kids just don't understand

It only goes to show
We need to reach the soul
'Cause life makes it hard for us to see
My thoughts all seem to stray
To a place so far away
We need a change of scenery



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