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Reality Check by Reality Check
Reality Check (1997)
Label: Star Song

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Plastic by Reality Check

Tell me what you're gonna do
I know you know that I'm on to you
I see your game and I see the way
With my self esteem you love to play
When I'm feeling fine things go alright
You're sure to be right by my side
but when I'm down I look around
you're nowhere to be found

Here they come again
Will this ever end
Around till I need them
My plastic friends
They melt when heat begins
They're walking mannequins
My plastic friends

I wonder if you'll ever see
Exactly what you've done to me
I feel alone I've been attacked
And you put the knife into my back
What I need is honesty
Open exchange from you to me
I've come to you my pride aside
So we can make this right

Three times denied I've relied too long on visions
Capsules of elastic mental prisons
Relating to the masses for thirty pieces
Candy coated personality thin like reece's
Synthetic figments artificial pigments
(Pathetic) ingesting poisons of facades
Illusions on a mountain high like Colorado
Bravado London bridges they be falling
Value of fools gold with kisses manifested
Break, smash, shatter counterfeit flatter
Imitation of a friend `cause the heat makes you scatter
Blending, comprehending but still deceiving
Aimless inventions creations spiritual manipulations
I'm running out of patience
Fascinated in your attempts at being plastic
Spastic, kind of drastic my companion you are not



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