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Fire Ready Aim by The Witness Protection Program
Fire Ready Aim (2003)
Label: Independent

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i got this feeling inside
i feel i'm getting to high
i got this feeling that i need to be knocked down
i've had enough of my pride
i know you won't let it slide
c'mon and hit me with your best shot

'cuz all i ever want to be
is more of you and less of me yeah

rock my world around
shock me with the sound
knock me to the ground
like a piledriver
break me of the sin
shake me up and then
make me whole again
you're a piledriver

you know i just couldn't see
you know i just couldn't see
i couldn't see you from my pedestal
you got me down on my knees
you got me down on my knees
you got me down here where i finally found you



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