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Fire Ready Aim by The Witness Protection Program
Fire Ready Aim (2003)
Label: Independent

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runnin' fast take my hand
though I cannot lead you there
'cause I barely know the way
take a chance take it now
if it seems just for awhile
you glimpse a life away
you've lost your best perspective
but you've been given a new directive

giving your pearls to pigs
your faith, your mind, your time, your energy
tell me what are they worth to you?
new house, new digs
new car to drive 'cause you invest your time
in temporary things
and you're giving your pearls to pigs

only given so much time
and talent to work with
what you give is what you get
in the blink of an eye
this life will pass you by
you can't do it all again
time will wait for no man
but you live like
you hold it in your hands


i know you've made your decision
a long long time ago
but it takes some new direction
to walk the narrow road
that leads you home



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