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Almost Home by Guardian
Almost Home (2014)
Label: G-Man

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Paranoia Kills by Guardian

I don't wanna be perceived to be a loser
When I don't believe the media abusers
Why they wanna sell a culture of illusion
They break apart the Truth and cut it with confusion.
Fear Fear

You don't wanna drink the potion of the liars
Or take the medicine of Prophecy deniers
Shake the world of parasitic justifiers
Step around the pile of worthless occupiers

Paranoia sells
Paranoia swells
Paranoia hell
Paranoia kills
Paranoia thrills
Paranoia chills
Paranoia kills

Where do you wanna go
Back to find the wounded left behind
What do you wanna know
Burn away the poison of the mind

You know what's true
Do you know what's true?
You know what's true
Do you know what's true?



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