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Against All Odds by Rekoncyle
Against All Odds (2014)
Label: Independent

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Outta Control by Rekoncyle

Verse 1
I can't control it, this burning feeling This ugly monster, Is still consuming The hatred I feel, this deep desire To finally give in and lash out to you with consuming fire I gotta fight the urge to move on and be strong I need to walk away before I start to get


Outta Control of my emotion, I know the way I feel right now will get back to me somehow
Truer words were never spoken , when He said to love the world,to show others who are hurt, to stay in remain in control.

Verse 2
When it all comes back to, being stuck in my room, just so I can't help but not be near you
I try to focus on what's important and not have to go through the pain that I had before it
Pre chorus


Today I'm not afraid to show what you have done
I wanna tell the world that I have overcome X2



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