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Chase The Sun by Supertones
Chase The Sun (1999)
Label: BEC

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One Voice by Supertones

hey,hey,hey,let's go.....
1999 and the stakes are high. - our options have come down -
to either we do or we die - we need You now more than ever -
pull out all of the strife in the church - get us together -
is time running out? - I can't sat, I don't know - we have one day less -
than we did yesterday - so it's up to us to unite - you wanna fight the
power? -
you need the power to fight.

chorus: and can we sing with one voice - if we all have the same God? -
can we agree to disagree? - and so we cry with one voice -
to the only God in all the universe - who holds us in his hands

no more time - for us to bicker and complain - if we're called by the same
name -
nowhere for us to lay the blame - except for ourselves - and if we died to
our old selves - to come alive as God's flesh - that makes us family - deeper
than death -
but we don't act so tight - when ther's a back to bite - are we less like a
family,and -
more like a fist fight? - are we there,but not quite - are hypocrites
children of light

chorus x2



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