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Bleach by Bleach
Bleach (1999)
Label: Forefront

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Once Again Here We Are by Bleach

Once again here we are
Another melody I'll sing
And you will laugh and you will smile
But when we're donw we all will leave
But there is something more I want to give
More than just a melody, I guess

Once again here we are
This little trip it seems so far
We'll spin these tires and beat the road
A few more songs a few more shows

Once again here we are
He has carried us this far
When I get tired I won't quit
I'll spin these tires once again

'Cause there's a while lot more I've got to give
More than just these melodies oh yes
I won't stop and I will never quit
Until I've given all I've got to give

Once again here we are
Here we are once again



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