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Lose This Life by Tait
Lose This Life (2003)
Label: Forefront

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Numb by Tait

Slipping away
Are we sleeping at the wheel and unaware now
Has the population put us in a trance now
Overtaken by the tide and washed away now
What do you say now

In a daze
Are we moving in the motion of the crowd now
Slowly losing everything we were about now
Is it time to draw a line in the sand now
And take a stand now

Somebody talk to me
Am I all alone
When are we gonna wake up

Are we numb, Is the feeling gone
Tell me what went wrong, Are we numb
Close your eyes, Let the world pass by
Now you're hypnotized, Are we numb Moving away
From the heart of everything we tried to be now
Just stop look and tell me what you see now
We've been taken like the winds across the sea now
We've gotta break free now

Mesmerized, desensitized before my eyes I'm paralyzed

Somebody talk to me
Am I all alone
When are we gonna wake up


So many times we just watch pass by
The tick tock of life leaving us hypnotized
Mesmerized a stun gun leaving you in a daze
Better wake up now before you find yourself slipping away



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