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Highlands by WhiteHeart
Highlands (1993)
Label: Star Song

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Nothing But The Best by WhiteHeart

Go find a mirror, locate your ears
You're about to hear the free world's biggest lie
Jesus came and died, so get a little pride
It's cultural suicide to make your faith a battle cry

Well mediocrity - is to miss eternity
You see He rose for me...

Nothing but the best
Nothing but the best
Don't take nothing less
Don't you second guess
Nothing but the best - oh
Keep your mind on one thing
That in your heart
There's nothing but the best

Don't work at school, how can that be cool
Tell me who's the fool if it leads to a welfare line
I'm missing something here
It must be drugs and beer
'Cuz it isn't clear why faith is such a waste of time

Got some news for them,
He's gonna come again
We'll see what happens then...

(Repeat chorus)



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