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Live Life Loud by Hawk Nelson
Live Life Loud (2009)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Never Enough by Hawk Nelson

Some days I spend all day on the phone
And other days I would just rather be alone
Sometimes I feel so insignificant like it doesn't really even matter
I've been caught under the radar so help me please

It's been that kind of day so just go away
And let the machine say what I want it to say
It's never enough, it keeps getting tough
I wanna listen to your voice but it keeps breaking up
It's never enough

Some days I just don't wanna leave my home
And other days I'm alive like a rolling stone
Some days I feel like the whole world is waiting on an answer
I've been caught under the rador so help me please

And I know that we all make mistakes
'Cause I'm guilty as charged with a case of foot in mouth disease
So help me see clearly as I try to just get myself to a place where my lens can adjust
It's never enough



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