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Thrifty Mr. Kickstar by Dryve
Thrifty Mr. Kickstar (1997)
Label: Sarabellum

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Nervous by Dryve

The driving stinks
I can't seem to settle down
LA was a drag
LA was the last straw

And now it's her
In my hair and at my heart
And I swear, when I feel
Compulsed to be amused
I make mistakes
We all do

And it makes me nervous
I turn up the radio
The radio

You said you're gonna
Buy me a chevrolet
You're gonna buy me
All these funny little things

I was alone when I went to see you
I make mistakes, we all do

Now with You in my heart
As a matter of fact
Your coming in the flesh
And dying like that
And Lord I know
I've got to step it up
It's been too long
Running on luck



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