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Contact by The Benjamin Gate
Contact (2002)
Label: Forefront

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The fear I carry in my heart
The things that change and turn around me
What is that I become?
When is it that it's all undone?
I long to be close to You
So close I disappear into You
Doesn't matter what I try and do
You show me what is real and true
The person that I hope to be
Not bound by anyone's opinion
A person with history
Moving to my destiny

Whatever I'm needing
Whatever I'm feeling
I give up to You
I give up to You

You hold me tight in Your hand
That's when I feel the peace that I crave
You make me brave to withstand
You take me through this barren land
God I hear you speak so clear
Your words melt away my fear
Even when I'm far You're near
Your love will never disappear


That's when I lose myself in You...



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