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Krystal Meyers by Krystal Meyers
Krystal Meyers (2005)
Label: Essential

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My Savior by Krystal Meyers

I feel guilty sometimes when I pray
Stealing time from needs that are great
Still you listen to every word I say
And i want to thank you

And I
I'm amazed to call you mine

My savior
I'm laying it at your feet
Your love, it consumes me
My Savior
You've given me all i need
Your grace and your mercy

I've been thinking about what you did
I'm empty handed
So what could i give?
But all you ask of me is the life that i live
So I'll be faithful

And I
I'm not ashamed to call you mine


I never wanna be away
Forever I'll pursue
Everything it takes to be with you




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