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Collide by Skillet
Collide (2003)
Label: Ardent

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My Obsession by Skillet

Your touch, your ways leave me dumb without reason
Your love, my cage, my prison so pleasing
I spend my days tangled in thoughts of you
Stuck in this place resigned to be your fool

I thirst no longer
Drenching my soul
Pour out like water

You're my only infatuation
Don't leave my stranded in my obsession
My purpose, my possession
Live and die in my obsession
My obsession

Come down to me, don't ever say that it's over
I kiss your feet, worship the air you breathe
Your love, my gift, you go and I will follow
My dream, my wish, don't leave me here so helpless


I am a lunatic
I'm going crazy
For just a word from
For just a touch from you

And I'm exploding like chemicals
I'm going crazy, can't get enough



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