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Skillet by Skillet
Skillet (1996)
Label: Forefront

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My Beautiful Robe by Skillet

I want pleasure in Your site
I want to subscribe to Your delight
So hold on and see what I do for You
Oh by the way, did you see me dressed in my beautiful robe?
My head was bleeding so red
But of all the thorns in my crown, the roses blended instead

With my beautiful robe carries on, Iíll carry on
I cut down a tree said, "man would you look at me"
I stuck my head in a thorn bush, man I was deceived

Oh my brother, your hands are full of sores
But God bless you brother, my nails are longer than yours-
I was crucified with Christ but how come Iím not dead-
God gave me a cross, but I made my own instead-

My beautiful cross carries on, Iíll carry on
I cut down a tree
I nailed myself to the wood
I screamed in agony
ĎCause the glory wasnít so good

I fell to my knees and I remember
The words of God pierced so hard,
"Your righteousness is like filthy rags"
And I fell to my knees and said,
"God, my filthy robe"



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