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The Madness of the Crowds by Ace Troubleshooter
The Madness of the Crowds (2002)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Mothra (But For Grace) by Ace Troubleshooter

Fire burns in the grate
The guilt burns in the breast Of every prisoner
The guilty, the condemned
Death is red on their hands
the galling chains reminding every minute
The Law that was broken
Silent as the grave
Covering deeds, covering man
Eyes that pierce and glaze Wounded hands,
stretching out to save
Moonlit nights on their knees
Stifling screams ready To break from conscience
The voice of the innocent
So the time marches on
The future melts into the past
At last, the bitter reprieve
it's everwhere
The crimson sea we've spilled
The knife's our own it's hypocrisy
Our words,softer than oil
Our hearts, drawn swords
It was us all along
We betrayed for silver
We denied three times
We washed our hands
Then doubted His Save us
before we're swinging, swinging



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