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You're Soaking In It by This Train
You're Soaking In It (1995)
Label: Etcetera

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Monstertruck by This Train

I got me a double-wide, you can hardly tell it's a trailor from the inside
in the mobile park, they got plastic pink flamingos that glow in the dark
sure I don't have much, but you'll never complain
I'll give your mother a son and your children a name
you'll get a love divine, supreme, deluxe
it's a love as big as a monstertruck, yeah

Tuesday night's my bowling league, you can come and cheer us on to victory
we got matching shirts,
they say 'Big Ed's Auto Parts' on the back 'cause that's where we work
So me and the boys will be playing all night, Beth, I know that you're lonely,
but you'll be alright
if you give me a hug, and a kiss for luck, you'll get a love as big as a monstortruck, yeah

Nice big rooms, air-condition, you don't know what you've been missing, baby
You're so sweet, young and nubile, I got plans to make you mobile

It's like paradise, and we'll never park the house 'til we find someplace nice
then we'll take off the wheels,
on that day baby we'll know how the good life feels
as my 4x rolls down the road of life, I know I'll be happier when your my wife
all we'll need is a ring and a dress and a tux, and a love as big as a monstertruck



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