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Smalltown Poets by Smalltown Poets
Smalltown Poets (1997)
Label: Forefront

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Monkey's Paw by Smalltown Poets

I held the monkeys paw and put my wishes into play
To know the will of God, to show a motive for delay
I'm holding on to find myself
Just one more wish

I found a pot of gold or something shining anyway
And caught in my reflection a conviction held at bay
I crafted a cross to adorn my neck and finally earned my due respect
And then a jewel encrusted crown to complement my priestly gown
Just big enough to weigh my down and bring this temple to the ground
From inside out without a sound
I found a pot of gold today

I held the monkeys paw (x3)

I held the monkeys paw today and put my wishes into play
Thanked heaven for the trophies but I still had hell to pay
So i brought my spolis to the altar's edge,
Heard You say 'obey instead'
For all of my labors and best laid plans I'd only earned a reprimand,
Forever more to understand that dreams come true can kill a man
If never graced by sovereign hands
I held the monkeys paw



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