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It's A Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska World by BOB
It's A Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska World (1999)
Label: KMG

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Mission Trip To Mexico by BOB

Verse 1:
Well early this morning I jump out of bed and ya know I don't wanna be late
Me and my friends are on a mission from God and ya know it's gonna be great
We got lots of bibles to give away and plenty of bottled water
We got our Spanish to English dictionary cuz we're gonna go across the border... Uno Dose Tres Quatro!

Mission trip to Mexico
Mission trip to Mexico
Spreadin' the word, come on and let's go
On a mission trip to Mexico

Verse 2:
Yo Qiero Taco Bell may not go over so well, but in Mexico the food is true.
You got tacos and enchiladas and tamales for me and I got some good news for you.
You see, Jesus came to save the earth from sin, and if I may say so,
This salvation is totally free it won't even cost you a peso!... 1 2 3 4!


Instrumental lead-in
shhh... siesta

It was a long trip on the bus,
But the people were so happy to see us
You shoulda seen their faces light up
When we told them about Jesus... Uno Dose Tres Quatro!



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