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Thread by Wide Awake
Thread (1999)
Label: True Tunes

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Misfits by Wide Awake

Adolescent aggravation
The media is telling me
I'm caught up in this going nowhere generation
Tryin to avoid my parents
Cause they don't approve of my appearance
Who made rule that says how you look is who you are?
Immaturity is fragile we look for an example
But we can hardly handle
The familiar sounds of people talkin down
You're just a misfit

Now I'm dressed up in all your hand me downs
Tryin to make sense of all you broken crowns
Do I look good wearing put downs
I've been left for dead
But I will be resurrected

Turnin in to my own station
One I can comprehend
Without some language I don't speak
With no explanation
Just a product of my parents
Who don't always make an appearance
But they're quick to say
I got big shoes to fill
These shoes got holes
So much responsibility
This tired world's destiny
Is weighing on me
It's restin on my shoulders
Soon I'll be older
But still a misfit
But I will be resurrected



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