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Send The Beggar by Send The Beggar
Send The Beggar (1997)
Label: Rustproof

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Matter by Send The Beggar

I am feeling foolish
Did I question your intelligence?
Sorry I can't be what you want
I guess I have a mental illness
Is it so hard to believe?
If I pray, would you receive

But you say that it doesn't matter anymore
And you say He died such a long time ago
And things are different now
Yeah, life is different now
And it's not all that it seems
And you're living in a dream

But why can't you believe
Why can't you believe
That Jesus loves you

Is it so crazy a notion
That a God who made you knows you
Eyes without sight, ears without sound
You carry five nails with your senseless crown

It still matters, it still matters
It still matters, but you say...



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