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Reality Check by Reality Check
Reality Check (1997)
Label: Star Song

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Masquerade by Reality Check

An urgent sense of regret and now I'm caught in the zone
my mind arrested by fear and so i go it alone
a metamorphosis conceived by the early light
distraction of self comes out in the night
Fabricated i'm constructed of opions and lies
which only leads to failing in my own eyes
sinking to the depths while i'm masking what's inside
a bittersweet existence and i cause my own demise

and i wonder if you've ever seen
life through the eyes of one who
understands what it means to be free
freedom comes when you can let it go
but i guess you wouldn't know

it's such a shame the game you play
congratulations your invited to the masquerade
i'd like to know what lies behind the mask you've made

my mind reflects the meaning to things that are jumbled
resting on the first making time to rehearse
intricate persona controlled animation
visually impaired clinging to pain immersed
mentally scarred cosmetics dripping down
life in forward motion exist in reverse
unstable at the seams trying to conform
trapped in a maze while sin is at it's worst

and i wonder what your gonna do
when your disguise comes crashing down
and yourself comes shining through
are you gonna hide your face
or let it rest in the hands of grace

don't hide your face in the masquerade
don't play the game it's a masquerade



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