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Between Heaven & Hell by Resurrection Band
Between Heaven & Hell (1985)
Label: Sparrow

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Love Comes Down by Resurrection Band

He said that He had your number
You cut the telephone line
You say you needed a reason
He said "There ain't much time"
You kept tryin' to avoid it
He kept knockin' on the door
In a flash it was over
You were a prisoner of war

But when you lose, you win
That's the way it is
That's when the love comes down

She was playin' in traffic an' you were scopin' her out
She was so much elastic, someone had strung her out
Until the fire had reached her, that's when the lights came on
That's when she got off her habit, that's when you took her on home

You can beat the heat
He's red hot on your trail
He's the love enforcer an' He's paid your bail
It's much more than emotion, It's not just in your head
You gotta die to get life an' you'de better off dead



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