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Not Alone by Bread of Stone
Not Alone (2015)
Label: BNY Records

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Love Changed Everything by Bread of Stone

Sometimes I see myself in the eyes of a vulture Sometimes I hear my own voice like a howl Cause I'll fight crawl Do what I can to make it on my own I'm left out cold and alone So cold and alone

Pull me from this sadness
Save me from this madness

Take me from the darkness
I wanna see the sunrise

I'm wondering out in the night still looking for a way back home I got trapped by the lies I was told and the teeth sunk down to the bone Now I'm chained down I wanna be free from the life I've always known I've tried this so many times But I can't break free on my own

Don't know what I'm fighting for
Tell me what I have to gain
I wanna lose myself in Your grace
Show me how I need You now
I'm never gonna be the same
Your love changed everything



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