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LoveLibertyDisco by Newsboys
LoveLibertyDisco (1999)
Label: Sparrow

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LoveLibertyDisco by Newsboys

And if I told you that Somebody did love you
Would you say hey show me that Face
And if I told you that true freedom was actual
Would you say hey take me to that place
And if I said there is a family
A body that moves as one
Do you feel the love that invites us
The liberty excites us
The disco has just begun, has just begun

Give me love, give me liberty, disco
The place everybody in the family's found
On that day we will all be happy people
When love, liberty, disco's in town

And as we step through to the light of the Lover
We're all the same
There's no rich or poor
And you know it's never been good for a man to be alone
So come on in Your name's on the door
What are we waiting for

All our fears are turning 'round
Fall down and meet your Maker
Where our true selves will be found
Calling out to every lonely soul

Chorus - Fade out



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