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Empty by Tait
Empty (2001)
Label: Forefront

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Loss for Words by Tait

I'm at a loss
I'm at a loss for words I really want to say
I'm finding for myself
What can I do
When every road I travel leads me back to you
Instead of somewhere else
I apologize

Cause what I wanted to say
Never came out the way
I wanted it to. I wanted it to
Cause what I wanted to say
Only got in the way
I never meant to hurt you
But I didn't have a clue

I'm just a man
I'm just a man in need of something better than
I'm finding for my self
You count the cost
For everything you gain there's always something lost
You're worth so much more
Listen to my heart whispering
I need you

Repeat Chorus

Empty words cannot suffice
I've been running from what I know is right
When only Yours are words of life

Repeat Chorus

Every time you come around
Every time I make a sound



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