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Halo by Halo
Halo (1990)
Label: Pakaderm

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Lord Of All by Halo

Lord of Heaven, Creator of all
You sit in High places and consider it all
Master of the sky and sea
I'm amazed You even think of me
When I'm feeling down and all alone
I just put my hands together and pray
Well I've come to realize You are Lord of all
and I depend upon You every day

How can I praise you
How can I repay
All you have done for me
Every knee will bow
Every tongue will confess
Heaven and earth will see
You are...

Lord of All, there's Power in Your Name
The Heaven's will proclaim...Lord of All
Your Kingdom will stand
You're the great I am...Lord of All
Every tongue will confess
Every knee will bow...Lord of All
No one can deny
If they'll open up their eyes...Lord of All

Giver of Life, Revealer of Truth
Provider of infinite Grace
Your eye is on the sparrow
Hand is on the Lamb
Your works are seen in every place
No one can deny if they will open their eyes
nothing can escape Your hand
You spoke a single word and all Creation heard
Your mark has been made on this land
You are...


Hebrews 1:10
Colossians 1:16



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